A large jewelry firm contacted us with a unique problem. They had scheduled a massive jewelry industry event, but after the site and hotel had already been contracted, the hotel was bought out unexpectedly.  The resulting staff changes throughout every level turned a well-organized plan into tangled confusion. The resulting staff changes throughout every level threatened to turn a well-organized plan into tangled confusion. We moved quickly to get on top of the situation and overcome any potential issues.

GoGather Actions

  • Anticipated management changes at hotel and met with general manager several months before event to discuss plans
  • Set up pre-conference meetings every day to ensure the staff hired for that day knew their roles and responsibilities
  • Stayed on top of staff, making sure all service was at the highest standard. Anything less was negotiated as a monetary reimbursement from the hotel

Winning Results

While our clients dealt with other expected issues, their guests enjoyed a golf tournament, educational sessions, a trade show, a silent auction, and a pool party.  The whole event went off without a hitch, and none of the guests was any the wiser.