A decentralized trade show program had a global temporary housing corporation confused. When they contacted us, the lack of a central database made tracking trade show items nearly impossible – the location, type, and number of exhibit properties were completely unknown. They were panicking, but we had it covered.

GoGather Actions

  • Interviewed stakeholders to create an annual summary of current trade shows
  • Created a Trade Show Request form for registration of new shows
  • Inspected exhibit inventory at multiple locations, eliminated unusable properties, and created an new inventory system
  • Created a live, real-time enterprise site for exhibit photos, property and promotional item inventories, annual show summaries and budgets

Winning Results

  • Storage efficiency: storage costs lowered by reducing storage from 6 to 2 different sites
  • A completely tracked and organized trade show program
  • Program is still sustained through a webpage designed to share the information with all stakeholders
  • Ongoing management of 30 shows per year: involves all show logistics, including registration, exhibit shipping, show service orders and promotional items