Top 5 Tips for Corporate Events in 2022
The world is re-opening, and in-person conferences and meetings are back! Here are the top five things you need to know as you dive into the in-person events world. 1. Book NOW! We cannot emphasize this enough – leisure travel is booming. Before Omicron in December 2021, travel spending was already at pre-pandemic levels of […]
3 Strategies to Keep Connections with Coworkers During WFH
Working from home got you missing your co-workers? The office banter, shared lunch breaks, afternoon coffee chats? Thankfully, we live in an age where there is no shortage of technological opportunities for us to stay connected. With strict shelter in place orders across America and beyond, people were quick to  jump on the bandwagon of […]
Happy Thanksgiving From Your GoGather Family
As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the year and all of things that I personally have to be thankful for. I am fortunate to have a family that is in good health, employment that I love, friends that keep me going, a roof over my head, […]
The Power of Social Media
Today, I’m on the train traveling eight hours south of home to support a long-time friend at the grand opening of his new business. I woke up super early but all I’m thinking about is how happy I am for him. I have no doubt that his business will soar. You see, he’s determined. He’s […]
Taking Events to Faraway Places
    I recently had the honor to travel to Bali, Indonesia. Twice. I trekked halfway across the globe for a total of 28 hours to go to work. Talk about a commute!   The way I see it? Perks of the job.   You see, I have the pleasure of planning and hosting corporate […]
To Trade Show or Not to Trade Show
Let’s face it, it’s a digital world. Social media has taken over our personal and professional lives. We live by advice we see on Facebook. We strive to be like people we see living the “perfect” life on Instagram. We get our news in 140 character snippets on Twitter. We apply to jobs on LinkedIn. […]
Creating Incentive Travel With Lasting Value
What do close encounters with black fin sharks in Bora Bora, a ceviche cooking class in Cabo San Lucas, and an outdoor feast at a 500-year-old castle in Italy have in common? They’re all exclusive, shared experiences on incentive trips that received five-star ratings from participants. Taking top performers to a great location is just […]
Event Strategy + Marketing = BIGGER IMPACT!
At GoGather, we’re big advocates for using strategic meeting management processes. We also believe it’s important to align business marketing and event management goals. That’s why I was delighted to read about recent research on these topics by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). The article, Marketing and SMM: The New Power Couple, by Alison […]
On a recent incentive trip in Tuscany, Italy, we crossed paths with an amazingly talented special events professional, Anne-Sophie Michas. Her assignment was to provide on-the-ground support for our client through a destination management company specializing in Italian trips. Everyone was thrilled with the way Anne-Sophie managed all the details for this high-end event. She […]
Your business leaders are counting on you to make a splash with an upcoming event. You’ve hired a top-notch event management agency to ensure that happens. Now, what’s it take to get the most out of the agency you’ve entrusted with this mission-critical assignment? Consider the answers to these six questions and how they can […]