A mountain of details along with multiple internal and external contributors must come together to make your meeting exceptional. Our expert project managers have the knowledge and tools to unite all the logistics and people to produce the precise results you expect. Best of all, technology gives you real-time access to your event information 24/7. You have full, transparent visibility to where the team is going, and how and when we’ll get there.


Customized event work sites

We create your online work site to house all the information and documents related to your event. Because the site uses Google technology, the entire project team can access and contribute to the site anytime, from anywhere. Whether you want to check the budget status, access the project timeline or review a contract, the site is open and available to you.


With this technology, there’s no need to email attachments back and forth. Documents can be posted on the site and edited simultaneously, keeping versions up to date and available to the whole team. The site also automatically updates and creates secure backups of every document. All these site tools are fully customizable to match your brand’s look and feel.


I can trust that our event management is in good hands with GoGather.  They have a detailed online project management schedule for every event that my team and I can access 24/7. Our project manager also communicates with us actively through monthly conference calls, weekly emails, one-page event briefs, daily show updates and a rolling inventory report for our collateral and giveaway materials.

– Kindra Bradley, Marketing Director, Oakwood Worldwide

I didn’t have to worry about the budget. GoGather took that off my plate.

– Meagan Brezette, Marketing & Communications Lead, Snelling