Virtual Event Management

Amid concerns about COVID-19, most companies have canceled or postponed customer events and conferences in 2020. One alternative option is to host a virtual event.

GoGather is your go-to source for virtual event management. Virtual events and conferences require the same level of professionalism, planning, and management as an in-person event. GoGather has a dedicated team of event management professionals who are committed to your brand experience and can help you execute a flawless performance on-screen and off. Solutions include:

  • Virtual Event Planning and Management
  • Virtual Event Hosting and Event MCs
  • Speaker Management and Technical Training
  • Technical, Video, Audio and Streaming Management
  • Virtual Conference Promotions and Marketing Consulting and Support
  • Event Communications Strategy and Management
  • Virtual Networking, Activities, Gamification, and Collaboration
  • Virtual Teambuilding and Brainstorming Sessions
  • Sponsor Management
  • Brand Experience and Attendee Engagement Strategy and Execution
  • Post-event Survey and Follow-Up Solutions

Learn more about our solutions and how to host your perfect virtual event, virtual meeting, or virtual conference with our comprehensive guide.



    Watch the Webinar: How to Host Virtual Events

    Get all the tips and tricks to hosting your event or conference in a virtual world. Watch the webinar now.

    Download Your Guide to Hosting Virtual Events

    Download the Guide to Hosting Virtual Events. This Guide will take you through the considerations and steps to running a successful virtual event, conference or meeting including:

    • Planning a virtual event
    • Technology and resources for a virtual event
    • Speaker preparation and communications for a virtual event
    • Promotions and networking ideas for a virtual event
    • Attendee activities and networking during a virtual event
    • Branding and post-event follow up for a virtual event


    Seven Tips for Virtual Event Networking

    How do you network during a Zoom chat? What to do when shaking hands is no longer an option? Here are 7 tips to help you to make sure your attendees can still mix and mingle in the digital world.